Let your taste buds do the Tango!

Indulge in the irresistibly sweet and tangy taste of our Kensington Pride Mangoes…you can thank your happy self later!!

The Picture Perfect KP Mango

KP Mangoes are clearly the mango of choice in Australia, and for some very good reasons

Nature’s Gift

The superior flavour and freshness of our mangoes is a gift of nature, and we are delighted to share it with you.

Tropical Perfection

Delight in the taste of Kensington Pride mangoes, a true embodiment of tropical fruit perfection.

A Truly Unique Experience Awaits

We hope you will join us on the spectacular journey from flower to fruit, as we observe nature doing what it does best.

From Paddock to Plate

Our mission is to bring you some Mango Magic this season….straight from our farm to your plate!

A Special Treat for Our Valued Customers

Our Crown Mangoes Club is here to ensure you don’t miss out. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a special Farm Visit just for our valued customers! This exclusive opportunity is available to a limited number of families between the 26th and 29th of December.

The Sweet Sixteens

A popular tray for a growing family. Generous portions, easy to cut and peel, perfect for getting your daily serving of those essential vitamins and minerals! Ideal for hungry kids and thirsty adults!

The Elegant Eighteens

Our most popular size. The right balance, a simple choice. Great for snacking on the go and sharing with friends and family. Cut a few and serve them straight on a plate. Yeah, that’ll give any dessert a hiding!

The Tempting Twenties

The tray that just feels right. When you honestly know one may just not be enough, what do you do? Simple, go for another one, guilt-free!

Finest Kensington Pride


Picked with love...Packed with care

"Sometimes, the most extraordinary joys in life, are the simple ones!!"


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