Getting Close to Nature

Continuing a cherished family tradition, we proudly cultivate the soils that are home to a boutique collection of Kensington Pride Mango trees. With more than 60 years of history of farming on the land, and a commitment to excellence, we continue the legacy of bringing home the finest KP mangoes…with love and care!

A Saga of Two Lands and Irresistible Flavours

Our story begins in humble towns of India, where we grew up learning to treasure the simple joys of life. Our tropical climate meant a lot of rain and plenty of sunshine, but the thing we looked forward to most was the arrival of irresistible mangoes in the sizzling summer months. After a hot day of cricket with friends, nothing seemed more magical than slurping down heaps of juicy mangoes waiting eagerly for us at home!!!

Cherished memories of childhood can rarely be lived again. But we were lucky to get a chance. This time in a rather special way, in our new home country of Australia, we were able to purchase a small farm that grew some of the most delicious Kensington Pride mangoes we have ever tasted!

And so, here we are, we are now custodians of this beautiful farm all the way up in North Queensland in a little-known place called Rita Island. You can read more about our journey on this website.

From humble beginnings of the gone-by times to the complex lives of today, it’s our stories that have the power to connect us with one another. We are humbled by the vastness and the greatness of nature. Nature has drawn a full circle for us and brought us back to the very thing that gave us immense joy as children. And now we realise, it was simply, the pure yet mysterious, the satisfying yet intense, the familiar yet unmistakable taste of a simple beautiful mango!


Let the Mango Dreams Blossom

We have a simple mission: Deliciousness!

We want to bring the freshest, tastiest and finest Kensington Pride mangoes from our farm to your home. We believe that healthy soil and honest farming make for the tastiest treats.

Here’s the scoop: we’re carrying on a family tradition up here on the land of Crown Mangoes. There is something about the Tropical climate as it is. To top that, the location of Rita Island makes for a micro-climate that has to be experienced to be believed.

Nature has truly blessed us, and we’re here to share the bounty. Brace yourself for the ultimate mango extravaganza as we bring you the juiciest, most irresistible mangoes you’ve ever had. See you soon, and let’s mango-go-go!

"Sometimes, the most extraordinary joys in life, are the simple ones!!"

Finest Kensington Pride


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