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We are committed to nurturing soil and protecting it. We promote natural plant growth and are committed to using sustainable farming practices. Our farm relies on nature to do its magic – the rain, the bees, the birds, even kangaroos are all part of our ecosystem. The fruit is an embodiment of all that nature, and you can taste it! We want to give you a truly unforgettable experience that will awaken all your senses. From the fragrant aroma to the succulent taste, we want our mangoes to take you on a sensory journey like no other!

The Finest Kensington Pride Mangoes Straight from Our Farm

With over 35 acres of fertile, sandy loam, our farm is home to a thriving mango ecosystem, boasting a harmonious blend of mature trees and youthful saplings. We let nature do its thing and try to get out of its way as much as possible. We firmly believe that we are merely the current custodians of the land. The farm, the trees, and the fruit they produce are nature’s gifts, for all to share.

So, it is our mission, that as custodians of the land, we share those gifts with you. and for that reason, we have made a promise, when it’s sharing time – to pick the fruit with love and pack it with care!

We are passionate about bringing you the fruit of our farm in the freshest possible state. A mango that is an embodiment of nature itself – of the soil, the water, and air! We want to give you an unforgettable experience of tasting the most delicious Kensington Pride mangoes that you have ever had.

Mango Haven: Where Bowen’s Finest Flourish In Abundance.

Nestled near the picturesque Whitsundays and Bowen region the picturesque Bowen region of North Queensland, our farm specialises in “Bowen or Kensington Pride Mangoes,” reflecting the unique flavours that define this exceptional fruit. Our mangoes are known to have a distinct taste and flavour, so even though you are eating a KP Mango, you know you are onto something special!

Our orchard has only about 800 trees so what grows gets noticed! The farm is surrounded by natural bushland on one side and open paddocks on the other. Rita Island itself sits on a delta formed thousands of years ago by the ever-changing flows of the Burdekin River. Nature has created a micro-climate at Rita Island that is unique yet ideal for growing mangoes, and we believe that it all goes towards making the mangoes more flavourful.

Our farm is renowned for its luscious, deep-red, and fragrant mangoes, which are perfect for enjoying fresh at the table.

We pride ourselves on being a “boutique farm” where our focus is on producing premium quality mangoes with meticulous attention to detail.  We prioritize the care of our crops and take pride in the fact that we are not driven by quantity but by quality. Our smaller, boutique operation allows us to dedicate more attention to each fruit, ensuring exceptional taste and freshness. At our farm, we embrace the concept that small is big, and our uniqueness lies in our unwavering commitment to delivering superior mangoes that stand out.

Situated in seclusion from other mango farms, our orchard enjoys the advantage of a natural barrier, effectively mitigating the risk of disease transmission from neighbouring orchards. Our strategic location on a small island surrounded by a river grants us access to abundant groundwater, allowing us to provide ample hydration to our mango trees. This unique microclimate nurtures the growth of our mangoes and potentially contributes to their unique taste.

"Sometimes, the most extraordinary joys in life, are the simple ones!!"

Finest Kensington Pride


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